Oh people


Most people know I’m being sarcastic when I want them to
Unless they’re sarcastically challenged


How do people do it?


That charm. The confidence. Their positive and ambitious demeanor. They make it look so easy. As if its second nature to them. To just walk up to someone, anyone, and instantly become friends. I can’t even get past “what’s your name?” It’s as if I have no idea what I should say next that won’t scare them away. I’m so bad at small talk it’s crippling.
I mean what common things do people talk about? I know what I like but I have no clue what you like and no idea on how to ask you.
Do you like the things I like?
Are we completely relatable?
Or polar opposites?
Do you like me?
Will I like you?
Is seeing each other again because we want to talk to each other a given?
Or will we be those “I’ll see you when I see you” acquaintance’s?

And if you ask me something about myself will I know how to answer? Or what to say? Or will I, myself, not even know myself as well as you think I do?