That hold you had on me That tight grip Those strangely devilish eyes They’re beginning to fade That artificial smile That unbearably soft voice Those taunts They’re slowly disappearing The fabricated lies The craving for attention Those infected by you They’re dissipating The unnaturally cold air The painfully fictitious truths You Have dissolved You’ve vanished […]

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White hot rage Mixed with salty sweet tears Is a combination so dangerous It leads the good astray   These docile creatures Once tempted with power Ravage the tenacious Conforming from the hunted To the hunters   Carry this message in your heart Keep these gentle souls fair For at bay There lies a dormant […]

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How do people do it?

That charm. The confidence. Their positive and ambitious demeanor. They make it look so easy. As if its second nature to them. To just walk up to someone, anyone, and instantly become friends. I can’t even get past “what’s your name?” It’s as if I have no idea what I should say next that won’t […]

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