The Circle of Fights


Trouble is growing
Anger is boiling
Tempers are heating
Hearts are beating
Some are crying
Many are lying
Yet this deceit
Shall always repeat


The Inner Circle


I stood on the ledge of the 80 story building staring into the black sky.
Behind me I could here Josh giving one of his damn speeches again.
“…it’s a fight for us, a fight for our generation. They took everything from us…”
I sighed.
How did I get roped into this?
I felt a hand touch my shoulder.
“Hey,” Josh said. “We’re doing the right thing.” Trying to reassure me.
I snorted. “It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.
His hand retreated. “It’s too late to back out now Eve.” I heard the anger in his voice.
I closed my eyes.
“We’ll see.” I whispered
And jumped.

Winter Heart


The windows have begun to frost
Freezing our fingers at the touch
Our breath has begun to fog
To shroud our faces for a tenth of a second
To give us curious non smokers an illusion of what it’s like to smoke
The thicker, heavier blankets and jackets have been brought up from the basement
To shield our fragile bodies from the shivering cold
It’s the time for cuddling not just for affection but for warmth
Coffee, hot chocolate, and tea have turned into a need
Sitting by the heater with a big cup of coffee and a book has become a sport
It’s a lovely time of year, winter
So don’t let the cold get to you
Because we can always find a way to the warmth

Behind the Glass Door


She sits inside her crystal prison, patiently waiting

Not for someone to free her

She had gave that up long ago

But for the sun to finally ascend

She needed to see what broken glass looked like in the light

Years of finding a way out of her misery

She was finally able to realize

That her prison wasn’t made by her enemies,

It was created by her

Unbeknownst to her she had built a house

A house where she kept herself hidden

A house where only she could see what was inside

For she was the one who held the key

And now because of her own will,

Her own power,

She wasn’t going to just open the glass door

She was going to shatter the walls that kept her in.

The sun had begun to rise

And with a smile upon her face

So had she

My love


Oh my love. Where for art thou?
Seriously though. Where are you.. I’ve been waiting for that moment when I meet with you, my Mr. Right. How would we meet? Would it be love at first sight? Would it take time for us to know we belong to each other?
Or will it be hate at first meeting that melts away into love.
Honestly id prefer the whole disliking each other in the beginning scenario. It’ll keep things interesting. And to see how we’d both end up falling for each other would be the fun part. Who fell for the other first? Why? How much are you willing to spend on my engagement ring? (And the answer to that better be as many stars as there are in the sky)

Hurry up and find me will you.

Just a thought (2)


It’s a bit difficult to be kind to a being who rebuffs everything you say in a rude and malicious manner. I mean I’m not one to back down from a fight, but when that person is older than you then I have no choice but to respect you, no matter what. It’s what’s ingrained into my mindset.
But coming across someone who’s younger than me or around my age that is a completely different story.
From my life experience I’ve learned a valuable lesson, don’t always stay quiet. Sometimes the only thing that you can do is fight back.
Who did I learn that from? My enemies
And it’s a valuable lesson indeed.