Behind the Glass Door


She sits inside her crystal prison, patiently waiting

Not for someone to free her

She had gave that up long ago

But for the sun to finally ascend

She needed to see what broken glass looked like in the light

Years of finding a way out of her misery

She was finally able to realize

That her prison wasn’t made by her enemies,

It was created by her

Unbeknownst to her she had built a house

A house where she kept herself hidden

A house where only she could see what was inside

For she was the one who held the key

And now because of her own will,

Her own power,

She wasn’t going to just open the glass door

She was going to shatter the walls that kept her in.

The sun had begun to rise

And with a smile upon her face

So had she


Do you believe in destiny?


I believe that you make your own destiny. I do not believe things are set in stone, if they were we wouldn’t have choices in our lives.
We make our own choices and find our way through the path we create. Sure there’ll be bumps along the way but it’s how you go about that obstacle. Because no matter what is thrown at you there’s always options.

What’re your opinions? I’m curious