It was just a little scratch you could barely see It grew bigger and bigger without notice Silently Slowly It was eating me alive Despair seeped through in the form of a thick black smoke Smothering me Pulling me in Suffocating me It was stealing me from myself Forcing me to become an empty shell […]

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Things break. It’s a part of life. Broken dishes. Broken promises. Broken lives. Sometimes you manage to avoid the shards. But sometimes, sometimes they cut you deep. They make you bleed. And they leave scars. But as time goes on, Those once prominent scars begin to fade. Those fragmented pieces begin to mend. And what […]

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You know that feeling you get. That feeling like you’re alone. Alone with your thoughts. Your emotions. Your past. Your present. Your future. Alone with yourself. Well it sucks But it’s not as in no friends or people around you. I think it’s something everyone experiences. Something that you need. It makes you think of […]

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That hold you had on me That tight grip Those strangely devilish eyes They’re beginning to fade That artificial smile That unbearably soft voice Those taunts They’re slowly disappearing The fabricated lies The craving for attention Those infected by you They’re dissipating The unnaturally cold air The painfully fictitious truths You Have dissolved You’ve vanished […]

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Hurdle after hurdle. Sometimes it feels like it’s never-ending. When do I get to the finish line? How long will I have to outrun my self? Sometimes it’s impossible to escape. Sometimes I have no choice but to push through and finish what I started. Not for the sake of me. No For the sake […]

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The day comes near. To pretend or to reveal. Those that show their true selves, Transform into their paradox. The nice become the rough, The lies become the truths The calm become the savages Those who live their life hiding behind lies, Let their authenticity show Their thoughts are revealed The ones that were lied […]

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Lonely are the Brave

I’ve lost myself in this world A world with no barrier between reality and illusion Where the darkest corners of my mind come alive And my isolation is amplified Every little noise causes my skin to prickle From the creak of the door to the quiet yet shrill wind I feel the raw panic stuck […]

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Crystal Prison

She sits inside her crystal prison, patiently waiting Not for someone to free her She had given that up long ago But for the sun to finally ascend She needed to see what broken glass looked like in the light Years of finding a way out of her misery She was finally able to realize […]

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