Yin and Yang


A little bitch inside the nice, a little nice inside the bitch
-the mentalist

Love that quote


My love


Oh my love. Where for art thou?
Seriously though. Where are you.. I’ve been waiting for that moment when I meet with you, my Mr. Right. How would we meet? Would it be love at first sight? Would it take time for us to know we belong to each other?
Or will it be hate at first meeting that melts away into love.
Honestly id prefer the whole disliking each other in the beginning scenario. It’ll keep things interesting. And to see how we’d both end up falling for each other would be the fun part. Who fell for the other first? Why? How much are you willing to spend on my engagement ring? (And the answer to that better be as many stars as there are in the sky)

Hurry up and find me will you.

Just a thought (2)


It’s a bit difficult to be kind to a being who rebuffs everything you say in a rude and malicious manner. I mean I’m not one to back down from a fight, but when that person is older than you then I have no choice but to respect you, no matter what. It’s what’s ingrained into my mindset.
But coming across someone who’s younger than me or around my age that is a completely different story.
From my life experience I’ve learned a valuable lesson, don’t always stay quiet. Sometimes the only thing that you can do is fight back.
Who did I learn that from? My enemies
And it’s a valuable lesson indeed.



The day comes near.

To pretend or to reveal.

Those that show their true selves,

Transform into their paradox.

The nice become the rough,

The lies become the truths

The calm become the savages

Those who live their life hiding behind lies,

Let their authenticity show

Their thoughts are revealed

The ones that were lied to are told the truth

Yet they don’t believe their veracity

Some grow wings

Others grow fangs

Some some stay the same

While others don’t believe

And all this takes place once a year

Happy Halloween