May the calories be ever in your favor The turkey, delectably golden brown Conversations light and deep Infectious laughter all around   Share your stories, show your heart Let the fun turn into a deadly bout Then switch the flip again When the turkey comes out     HAPPY THANKSGIVING ❤   Advertisements

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White hot rage Mixed with salty sweet tears Is a combination so dangerous It leads the good astray   These docile creatures Once tempted with power Ravage the tenacious Conforming from the hunted To the hunters   Carry this message in your heart Keep these gentle souls fair For at bay There lies a dormant […]

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When you’re in a crowded area, like in a train, and you have no idea where to look without looking like a creep, a pervert, or crazy. I mean the only place I can think of staring at is the ceiling but how weird would that be….

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The Stained Heart

It started off with just a dot in the middle of my palm. A dot so red it was almost black. The color of blood. I woke up to this stain. No matter how much I scrubbed, scratched, or peeled, it stayed. With each scratch, I could feel my body begin to heat. The kind […]

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Hurdle after hurdle. Sometimes it feels like it’s never-ending. When do I get to the finish line? How long will I have to outrun my self? Sometimes it’s impossible to escape. Sometimes I have no choice but to push through and finish what I started. Not for the sake of me. No For the sake […]

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The day comes near. To pretend or to reveal. Those that show their true selves, Transform into their paradox. The nice become the rough, The lies become the truths The calm become the savages Those who live their life hiding behind lies, Let their authenticity show Their thoughts are revealed The ones that were lied […]

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Lonely are the Brave

I’ve lost myself in this world A world with no barrier between reality and illusion Where the darkest corners of my mind come alive And my isolation is amplified Every little noise causes my skin to prickle From the creak of the door to the quiet yet shrill wind I feel the raw panic stuck […]

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