About Me

Well this can go either two ways. I could either brag about myself or put myself down, but since I’m not fond of either scenario I’ll just boringly explain my likes and dislikes.
I love anime!
My favorite music genre is rock.
I love reading
And writing
In fact I’m in the process of writing a book XD

What I don’t like:
People who put others down; not creative criticism, but being condescending just for the hell of it.
How sometimes I feel as if i don’t know where I belong, where I fit in.

Oh! And I’m afraid of the dark..and elevators…and heights…and bugs. I hate bugs.

But let me not end on a bad note. I’m glad I found this site. It’ll be a creative outlet for me.

This ran a bit longer than expected and if you read this all the way through I applaud you for your dedication in me and your bravery in delving into My Aperture.

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