How do you react to​ a situation like this?

I’m not one to freak out whenever someone around me is acting a bit…strange..because let’s face it, there are a lot of people like that. Hell even I consider myself weird.
But in theater class (now let me explain. I hate theater. I despise public speaking and exposing my thoughts to a crowd in front of me while I stand there trembling, burning hot, and am barely able to push out the words I want to say…alright this will run long I’ll explain it another post lol ) this guy “chad” was scaring the hell out of me.

Now the first time I met Chad was the last day of my summer calc camp class (yep it wasn’t as fun as it sounds. It was worse..I
Me and my friend were going to class and we got on the elevator. The door was just about to close when I hear rushed footsteps and I quickly pressed the open door button. The guy, Chad, comes in and says “thanks so much for opening it” and I of course responded with you’re welcome. He counters with “You know I’m being sarcastic right? Because I’m the one who opened it.” And I said “Um but I did” and he says “Aren’t you in my class?”
Now before I say what I said, I honestly had no idea who was in my class and what they looked like. I sat on the side away from the crowd with my friend and like two other people.
Anyways I say “No I’m pretty sure we don’t. Because it’s not a class exactly.” And he says “You don’t even know what class”
(I’ll make it a dialogue)
Me: Yes but I’m pretty sure we’re not in the same class. I’m in a camp of some sort.
Chad: Ya calculus camp..
Me: Ohh so you are in my class. *laughs* I’m sorry I had no idea.
Chad: this is the worst first impression I have ever encountered.
(Meanwhile my friend and I are giving each other a look)
Me: I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t know.
Chad: Riiigghht

We’re then approaching the classroom and we sit at our usual spot. And after class were walking out when Chad comes up from behind

Chad: is it considered weird that I go to a theater on my own.
My friend (Yan): no I don’t think so
Chad: because I was thinking of watching the new (I think Galaxy movie?) and I didn’t have anyone to go with.
Yan: ohhh.

She then turns to me. And says that she had to go to the bathroom and if I could wait for her.
So I wait outside and Chad stays there talking to me.

While he talked he would just keep getting closer to me so I just kinda started pacing.

Chad: you know I used to go to Binghamton till they kicked me out.
Me: really? Why?
Chad: because i have really bad anger issues. And this dude pissed me off so I threw the school laptop at the wall. And I wanted to beat the guy up. So I went to jail for that.

Me: *inches away slowly*

Chad: And I also went to China. I actually know some Chinese. Plus I know how to tango. I just love dancing it’s so fun.

Yan finally got out and I decided to go to the bathroom. It felt like I was suffocating and honestly I started shaking. It was the way he kept staring and talked. Every time I moved away he would just follow. So when I got out of the bathroom Yan looks at me like, ‘holy shit dude’ and I just nod my head.
We then walked towards the elevator and he followed still talking. At this point I had tuned him out and was focused on getting home.
The elevator started acting strange. When the door closed it kind of did a little rough bounce and the doors opened to reveal that we were still on the same floor. That happened about twice so me and Yan got out while Chad remained inside.
To say we were relieved was an understatement. We went to the other end of the building and took the elevator from there. Once we got to I guess the lobby of the college me and Yan had to go different ways because my parents had wanted to pick me up today.
We said bye to each other and went our ways.
Thirty minutes later I get a text from Yan saying
“You will not believe what happened!”
Me: “What??”
Yan: I was about to go outside when I saw him standing there and I didn’t want him to know how I get home and where I live. So I waited. And finally after five minutes he left. When I got out I went to the other sidewalk just in case and you know what I see?? He turns around and goes back to wait again!!!”
Me: Am I glad my parents picked me up…

The next day when got to class he came in late and decided to change spots and sat two rows behind us. Five minutes later we heard him shuffling and moves just a row behind us. Another five minutes later he’s sitting directly behind me literally breathing down my neck. At that point I was beyond pissed. He leaned forward and was like
“Hey guys you think you can help me I don’t know this.
Us: Neither do we.
Chad: Oh so you’re not gonna help me. Thanks so fucking much guys, you guys are so helpful.
He then grabbed his stuff and left, slamming the door.

Now fast forward to the present. That was the last time I saw him and I didn’t expect to see him again because the college is huge but as I walk towards my theater class the first day, who do I see going in? Chad.
At that point, I just started getting a mini panic attack because I was scared. And what scared me even more was the fact that I was scared. When I got in I was putting my stuff on a desk in the back row and I hear a familiar voice asking the person next to me to put his bag on the desk next to that person. He then outstretched his arm practically touching me. I flinched and waited for him to move and sat down.
That’s when I see he had more than enough room to just get to the desk without hitting someone with the bag.
That whole class (which is three hours long) I sat there trembling and pissed. When class ended he stands over me and was like ” Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
To which I responded with an I don’t know
“Oh ya, you were in the calc thing with me. You’ve gotten lighter.”
I just look at him like wtf does that mean and didn’t say anything. So then he’s like “Oh so you don’t wanna talk.” He then turns to the girl I was talking to “You see her?” He then shook his head and just walking out slowly as if he was waiting for me to walk past him. I waited and asked if the girl could wait for me because I was just that scared. And thankfully she said yes and I got out ten minutes later.

(Ok there’s more but it’s just way too much to write. I’ll write the rest tomorrow and for those who actually read this all the way thanks lol. I know it kinda dragged lol)

11 thoughts on “How do you react to​ a situation like this?

  1. Seems that we all have our personal weirdo, haha. I’m not sure what I’d do in those situations, but well, you tried talking to an adult?


      1. That’s a shame. O.o I guess creepiness transcends age.

        1,200 words? Nahh. Seems like a lot, but maybe it was your theme, your small paragraphs, or maybe the story itself that kept me reading it. Or maybe just me being bored. 😛 Probably the theme though, it makes the words bigger and not as long lines.


      2. I guess so lol
        I prefer long posts because it provides more to read. So when I read other posts I like to know the details lol
        I guess it’s years of reading. I’ve always loved find a good book and read. It’s my one peaceful escape among many


      3. Wish i could say the same, but books are not my thing XP Too many words, not enough color and pictures. Reading posts of relatable people on here is much easier.


  2. Sorry, I didn’t read the whole thing. Most of it tho. Btw near the start when you are talking about calc camp you put a starting bracket but not an ending one.

    Liked by 1 person

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