The Circle of Fights

9 thoughts on “The Circle of Fights

  1. hey! I’ve been going through my old posts and I found your comment about you working on your book. Judging from the inactivity I’m not expecting a reply but I hope you are a step closer to finishing your book 🙂 Maybe it’s done?

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    1. Hi!! Its been forever since I’ve been on here but I’m still logged on lol. Thank you for reaching out! Soooo I started on writing another book as well lol the problem is that it’s so hard to know where I should go from where I currently am in those books. Also I’m thinking about doing third person… But Idk. And I also want some feedback but I don’t know how to ask people lol


      1. Well I’m good at both. So if you trust me enough to email me a few chapters, I’d be happy to give you feedback. That is totally up to you. If you prefer getting to know me more we can do that as well ❤

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