Lets talk…

*Grabs cup of coffee and laptop while carefully lowering self on to bed* (its an art form people)

So, how are you? Hows your cat, dog, bird, iguana, etc? My bird is doing well, albeit he is a little…*googles “whats a nice way of saying dumb” *…dim!

The other day he flew straight into the TV because Discovery Channel was on. It’s ok though. No harm fell on the TV.

Just kiddinggg, my bird was fine. He shook it off and proceeded to fly and poop wherever his little heart desired.

Let me tell you a bit of the backstory on how, or more particularly why, I bought him.

It was more than a year ago and I had fallen into a very deep hole. One, that no matter how much I tried to climb out of, I just kept falling back into a somehow deeper and deeper void. One day I just thought I need something, anything to help me through this.

Now initially I had really wanted a bunny or a cat (I don’t really like dogs…no offense to the dog lovers!) but my sisters are extremely allergic to fur.

So I started looking for Love Birds and was able to find a baby who was hand fed and affectionate (now he’s a snooty little-feathered butt-face…*sighs* teenagers…)

The day we brought him home was the day I felt that twisted coil inside me loosen just a tinge. As soon as I felt that, I knew that I was going to be okay.

Now on to the important part of this story. *takes a sip of coffee while staring over spectacles*

We named him Mango….


Do you have any idea of how DIFFICULT it is to name pets, plants, and people! (The PPPs)

It’s flipping HARD. It took us THREE DAYS to come up with a name and we decided to go with a fruit. A fruit, for goodness sakes…

And do you know what our fish’s name is?

Mr. Fish the Third. *eyebrow twitches*

Don’t ask what happened to the first two. -Oh wait did you think that we just tacked on “the third”? No, no not at all.

People that are gifted in the art of naming, please, I beg of you. Tell me your secret. *stares with soulful and tearful eyes*

I need your help *whispers in soul-crushing despair*

I cant write a book with this kind of a handicap!!

So, namers, if you are out there, please help this less than novice namer.

I will forever be in your debt.

*bows humbly*

Sayonara…for now.

-A. Dyes


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