A bit of chaos amidst structure

On an iPhone you can enable something that looks like a transparent, grayish, circular thing that you can move wherever you want.

For all the non iPhone users that gray thing is called AssisstiveTouch. What it is, is basically a short-cut to many things from locking your phone to controlling the volume.

Anyways today at work my coworker asked “do you even use that?” And to answer in short, no. I don’t.
So why do I have it?
I guess it’s a strange reason but as the title says its piece of chaos amidst perfection.
All the apps align perfectly, I can’t choose where I want to put it. I mean sure I can change their order but it’s all grid locked. So this one little gray square is something I can choose where I wanna put it. It won’t snap back into some imaginary line. It’s away from the stream of normal. It’s disordered and divergent.
I am far from perfect and I want things to depict me for who I am. For not being part of the “normal and followed” path.
To differentiate myself from the masses.

4 thoughts on “A bit of chaos amidst structure

      1. That AssistiveTouch thing is weird. There’s no lock button or volume buttons on the actual phone anymore? If not.. I’m afraid I have to stick with android. D:


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