You know that feeling you get. That feeling like you’re alone.
Alone with your thoughts.
Your emotions.
Your past.
Your present.
Your future.
Alone with yourself.

Well it sucks
But it’s not as in no friends or people around you. I think it’s something everyone experiences. Something that you need.
It makes you think of everything.
That one moment when you’re truly alone with your thoughts.
It helps you better yourself.
It helps you right yourwrongs.
It helps you be a better you.

I remember that when I’m by myself. I remember that it’s nothing bad.
I’m just fixing the cracks.


10 thoughts on “Isolated?

  1. Atherz097

    The feeling of being alone is so perpetual that I’ve just gotten used to it. I mean, even if I had a best friend, I’d still feel alone. But it’s nothing to grief or be upset about, because even though I’m alone in my head, I’m never.. truly.. alone.
    (I don’t think that’s understandable, is it?)


    • It’s completely understandable. For me I escape into my senses. I explore parts of my brain I never knew existed and learn things about myself, things I like and things I’m not so fond of. It doesn’t exactly give you a sense of loneliness but it doesn’t make you feel whole either.

      Sorry I’m rambling lol. What I’m saying makes sense to you right? I never know how to convey my thoughts lol


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